Avoriaz off-piste routes

Located on a plateau high above the Morzine valley, Avoriaz is the heart of the Portes du Soleil ski area. With a seasonal snowfall average of nearly 8m, Avoriaz is the snowiest ski resort in France and is in the top 10 Europe-wide.

Vallee de La Manche off-piste route

Lonely and beautiful off-piste route in Vallee de La Manche, far away from civilization. The route takes about 4 hours (incl. return to Avoriaz). Be careful, you can’t leave this off piste zone and return to marked runs.

Entry point to Avoriaz Valee de La Manche off-piste route

Entry point to Avoriaz Vallee de La Manche off-piste route

Access from Avoriaz: take the Lac Intrets lift. From the top of the lift go left the blue Bleue du Lac run, then turn right to the blue Aller Chavanette slope. Take Le Fornet lift.

Route description: from the top of the Fornet lift go up. Usually, there is a good path there.  Go traverse and gradually climb to the right to the ridge. The offpiste zone is just behind the ridge. You may ski down from the ridge or climb left, then go down to the same valley. You can find several off-piste routes in this valley. Be careful there is a stream at the bottom. Finally, you should take the left side and navigate to standing alone chalet with pond. Use the country ski run. Go through the forest down to the L’Erigne village. Anyway, you won’t miss the village. The bus stop is near the car parking. There is a good café over there. Bus service to Morzine, so you should go out at the roundabout (bus stop: Pompiers) and take another bus (green letter A) to the Prodains lift to Avoriaz.  A bus driver usually has a free map.

Avoriaz Valee de La Manche offpiste route

Avoriaz Valee de La Manche offpiste route

Mossettess-France off-piste area

Avoriaz Mossettess-France offpiste zone

Avoriaz Mossettess-France offpiste zone

Access from Avoriaz: take the Tour lift, ski the red Brocheaux run, then take the  Mossettes(France) lift to the Pointe de Mossette 2277m. You can see different off-piste routes from the lift (on your left).   Route description: from the top ski the black La Frontaliere run, focusing on the barn below. Leave the piste and go behind the building. Usually, there is a good trail here. Climb up about 5 minutes to the direction pointer.

Then move in the same direction and turn to the left. You can choose different routes of descents (watch out for rocks). Anyway you back under Mossettess lift. After descent ski to the blue Abricotine piste (you have to cross a stream) or go traverse to the bottom of the Mossettess lift. At the end of the route, you may ski through the forest near the route.

Brocheaux off-piste zone

Avoriaz Brocheaux off-piste area

Avoriaz Brocheaux off-piste area

Access from Avoriaz: take Tour lift, ski the red Brocheaux run to the Mossettes lift, take espresso in the cafe and look at the off-piste area left of the Brocheaux lift.  So take the Brocheaux lift.

Route description: from the Brocheaux run move right to the fence of ropes. There are several entry options. In any case you have to climb through the fence. Watch out for the rocks. The easiest way is to enter close to the Brocheaux lift, then traverse to the right, to avoid rocks. Go down toward the cafe again.

The freeride zone between the Prolays and the Lindarets lifts

Good off-piste area for bad weather conditions, close to the snowpark.

Avoriaz Prolays-Lindarets off-piste routes

Avoriaz Prolays-Lindarets off-piste routes

Access from Avoriaz: take the Tour lift, go blue run to the left, then turn to the right and leave the piste for the forest off-piste.

Route description: a lot of off-piste routes through the forest. Finish at the bottom of the Lindaretes lift.

Rescue chalet off-piste routes

Avoriaz Rescue chalet off-piste routes

Avoriaz Rescue chalet off-piste routes

Access: from Les Lindarets take the Chaux Fleurie lift, from the top of the lift walk upward to the chalet with the red cross. If you don’t want to walk, use the Rohassons lift from another valley.

Route description:  you may start from the chalet or traverse ahead or climb up through the trees toward the Pointe de Chesery as long as you want. Anyway, you will find off-piste area. Go down to the Les Lindarets (the Lechere lift), keep right. Alternative off-piste route: from the trees descent to another valley and reach the Les Rennes piste.

Swiss bowl

Avoriaz Swiss bowl off-piste

Avoriaz Swiss bowl off-piste

Access: from the Swiss side take the Grand Conche lift.

Route description: from the top of the lift go to the left and choose the couloir (there are several suitable routes). Descent in the direction of the Ripaille lift.

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When skiing off-piste, it is necessary to have a full set of avalanche equipment, communications equipment and first aid and be able to use all of this as well as health insurance covering the organization of rescue operations off the piste. Off-piste skiing can lead to serious injury or death.The information contained on this website is for general information purposes only. Any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk.


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